New motorcycling initiatives

Oct 30, 2018

Two excellent initiatives for motorcyclists have recently been released, so make sure you get involved or share them with someone you know who loves motorcycling.


Ride Forever training coming to New Plymouth in November - book today!

Roadsafe Motorcyle Riding Tecniques will be delivering the Ride Forever Bronze, Silver and Gold courses in New Plymouth on the weekends of the 17th & 18th of November and the 8th & 9th of December. Training starts from as little as $20 for the Bronze and $50 for the Silver and Gold courses. Enrol today and prepare yourself for lots of summer riding.

For more information, click here


World-first ratings system for motorcycle clothing launched

ACC have recently launched a world-first rating system for motorcycle clothing known as MotoCAP.  “The Motorcycle Clothing Assessment Programme (MotoCAP) is the first of its kind, and will give the motorcycle community more information when they are making choices about the clothing they wear when riding,” says Motorcycle Programme Manager, David Keilty.  

MotoCAP will give clothing two separate star ratings – one for protection and one for comfort.  “Motorcycle and scooter riders have very little protection other than their helmet and their clothing when involved in a crash,” advises Keilty, who steers the Ride Forever programme, an ACC initiative aimed at reducing motorcycle crashes and injuries.     According to Mr Keilty, the development of MotoCAP means riders will now have more information about their choice of protective gear, including being able to balance the sometimes conflicting needs of personal protection and comfort.  Last year in New Zealand 45 motorcyclists lost their life on the road and 7,372 motorcyclists received treatment and support from ACC. The total cost of motorcycle-related claims was more than $94 million.

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