Motorcycle Awareness Month

Oct 26, 2021


In the last newsletter I was promoting the two local events planned for Taranaki to promote Motorcycle Awareness Month (MAM).

Unfortunately, as we are all aware, COVID-19 brought a halt to the country in mid-August stopping all of the MAM events.

The Ride Forever team’s biggest priority is to keep New Zealand’s riding community, our people and our partners safe.  Therefore, when Aotearoa New Zealand returns to Alert Level 1, we’ll pick up the organisation of these events again, branding them as ‘Ride Forever’ events.

In the meantime, this year’s MAM activity has been held through the month of October and has been entirely digital, predominantly through the Ride Forever Facebook page and the Ride Forever website.

The main messages have been to get riders to make the most out of the summer riding season by

  • fine tuning their skills
  • checking their gear
  • making sure their bike is ride ready.

There have been ambassador videos, articles, tips and tricks to keep our riding community safe throughout the summer seasons, and lots of prizes given away. There is still time to get involved online, by using our Facebook Frame, share our posts or create your own for us to share.

Whether you are a new rider, returning rider, or experienced rider, having the right gear, understanding your technology and continually developing your skills is paramount to having a great ride and remaining safe. The Ride Forever Facebook Page and Website can help with all of these, but nothing will be as effective as getting out on your bike with a qualified motorcycle teacher who can pitch the course to your level of skill and confidence.

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Intro Byline: Update from Riley McGregor from ACC