Keeping strong and healthy during lockdown

Aug 25, 2021

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Well here we are back at Level 4, with little warning this time.  While there are some things out of your control right now, there is much you can do safely in your bubble to keep yourselves and your loved ones healthy and strong. This is by no means a complete list, there are many other things that you will know help you feel positive, that lift your mood. Some days may be tougher than others. On these days its ok to not feel ok, take some gentle actions that help you and remember to focus on you, and not compare yourself to others you see out and about or on social media.

  • Connect with a friend, over the fence (at a distance), call or video call
  • Get moving, whether it's a walk outdoors, a home workout or an online class (some of our strength & balance classes are running online) before we reach level 1 or 2 when they are able to restart.
  • Catch some vitamin D - get out into the sunshine, exposing your arms, legs and face to the sun for 10-15 mins at this time of year.
  • Keep hydrated - remember to drink enough water, add lemon or ginger if you don't like plain water, or fill a jug at the start of the day and help yourself regularly during the day.
  • Do something that brings you joy - painting, reading, gardening, listening to music etc.
  • Is there something that you've been waiting to do/try around home, clear out a drawer, fix a leaky tap, learn a language online, make a new recipe?
  • Eat some nutritious kai (food), colourful fruit and vegetables may help your mood, energy and health
  • If you live with others have a movie night, a themed dinner party, a picnic on the lawn or video call/phone family to join you if you live alone.

Please find below some video links to suitable workouts you might be able to do at hime, as well as strenght & balance exercises you can try.  These exercises will help to improve your balance and leg strength.

Mature and Moving

Link to exercises and classes 


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Intro Byline: Update from Taranaki's Community Strength and Balance Coordinator