Shiny Side Up 2021 - New Plymouth

Feb 25, 2021

The Shiny Side Up Talk Series visited Taranaki again this year after a couple of years away from the region. This was extremely fortunate as five other events had to be cancelled due to the February COVID-19 lockdown.

This year’s event was held at the Plymouth Hotel in New Plymouth on Tuesday the 23rd of February where over 100 people attended from around the community.

Dr Hamish Mackie spoke on motorcycling behaviors, Bret Tkacs Zoomed in from the United States and discussed the importance of braking skills. Brittany Morrow (otherwise known as the Queen of the Road Rash) was another speaker who Zoomed in from the US, she is a motorcycle crash survivor who promoted how Gear Saves Lives. The final speaker was Andrew Stroud, a professional motorcyclist who spoke about his experiences touring the world and his relationship with The Britten.

During the event, the audience was encouraged to sign up for a Ride Forever course. These a practical courses run with qualified motorcycle instructors for people of all ages and abilities. The course is valued at over $300, but with an ACC subsidy, only costs the rider either $20 or $50 dependent on the level.

57 people signed up to attend a Ride Forever course during the event with three lucky people winning an MTA Goodie Bag and one winner getting a Shiny Side Up Hoodie.

Fingers crossed Shiny Side Up returns to Taranaki next year!