Community Strength and Balance Programme Update

Feb 25, 2021

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Do you worry about falling?

Do you use your hands to get out of a chair?

Have you stopped doing activities you enjoy because you are worried about falling?

Have you slipped, tripped or fallen in the last 12 months?


If you answered YES to any of the questions above you might benefit from a Community Strength & Balance class. There are classes across Taranaki for all levels and activities.  These approved classes are safe, fun and effective at improving your Strength & Balance.  There are Tai Chi, circuit classes, movement to music, yoga and more to choose from and many offer a first class free so you can try more than one to find the best one for you.

If you are unable to attend a class or prefer to exercise at home you could check out Nymbl.

Nymbl is an app being trialled by ACC to improve your strength & balance using dual tasking activities. It is a free app you can access here..

Each day you get a new activity to try, which includes a physical and mental challenge simultaneously, eg standing on your toes while answering questions about the photos you see on the screen.

In December their trial showed there were over 12000 users who had completed more than 135000 workouts between them. Nymbl can be accessed using a smartphone, a desktop computer or tablet.

46% of those using Nymbl have had significant and meaningful progress with their balance.


For more information about classes or Nymbl please contact Hilary Blackstock at Sport Taranaki 06 7593030, 021480180 [email protected]