Community Strength and Balance Programme Update

Jul 29, 2020

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Community Strength & Balance classes are all back up and running now after the COVID lockdown. All Level 1 precautions are in place - there is hand  sanitiser available and as usual practice, attendance is recorded which is useful for contact tracing.

 To find a class near you, click the link below or give me a call to chat about which class would be most suitable for you.

 There are many aspects to keeping fit, these include

  -Cardio (your huff & puff)

  -Strength (your muscles’ ability to apply force)

  -Agility (move quickly and accurately)

  -Balance (control your body's position)

  -Coordination (control your body to move)

  -Power (move force quickly)

  -Flexibility (range of motion of a joint)

  -Speed (how fast you move)

Community classes focus mainly on improving Strength & Balance to remain upright and independent. They will also assist in improving all the other elements of fitness as well as your confidence to move. These classes with the tick are approved as safe, fun and effective at boosting these elements of fitness in a friendly, social environment.  

 If you would like some support to improve your strength & balance, chat to your GP or nurse or pop along to your nearest class.

As well as the immediate benefits, being more active can help you sleep better, improve your mood, confidence and self esteem, increase your energy and improve some blood measures.

It can also help decrease depression, anxiety, dementia, heart disease and some other illnesses.

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