Enhancing Mental Wellbeing in the Construction Industry

Oct 18, 2019

'Be kind to yourself, and give yourself a break' was one of the key themes raised by Nigel Latta at a seminar with construction industry workers in October.  NPiS was fortunate to secure well-known Kiwi psychologist Nigel to come and talk about how to enhance mental wellbeing in the construction industry.

Nigel delivered a funny as well as very honest and challenging talk to a packed out audience of over 150 people from the local construction industry and supporting agencies.   The main themes of his talk included:

  • Examining what the causes were of the high suicide rate in the construction industry.     Issues such as the boom and bust stresses of the industry, macho culture and the 'young and old divide' were mentioned and how they impact on a diverse workforce.
  • How our brains and our bodies react when we are stressed, and how this impacts in the short and long term
  • Dont believe everything you think - sometimes under stressful situations our brains tell us stuff that isnt exactly true.
  • Look after yourself.  Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break.  Several easy strategies were suggested on how to implement this in our daily lives.
  • He challenged workpalce managers to look after your business and do what the 'All Blacks do' - have a strong culture and look after your people.

His last message was simple around reaching out to others who are struggling:


NPiS would like to thank these sponsors: Site Safe NZ, Clelands Construction, Worley NZ Limited, New Plymouth District Council, Pepper Construction, Master Builders and Bell Building for helping us make this event happen.

Nigel was the perfect catalyst for action in enhancing mental wellbeing in the construction industry.   NPiS plans to keep the momentum going and will be meeting with key stakeholders to build a framework that supports the construction industry into the future with mental wellbeing and suicide prevention.  Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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