Taranaki Road Safety Workplace Charter

Oct 18, 2019


Roadsafe Taranaki is encouraging Taranaki businesses and organisations to sign up to the Taranaki Road Safety Workplace Charter.  The Charter is an opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to the safety of their workforce on the road.  With three levels in the Charter (Advocate, Commitment and Excellence) we are able to sit down with individual businesses and work through a one page self-assessment to see where they currently fit and how to progress through each level.  The purpose of the self-assessment is to provide a guide to what steps you can take towards improving the safety of your workforce while in a vehicle. 

The Charter is a practical way to meet health and safety legislation and supports current vehicle/driving policies already in place.  Roadsafe Taranaki is mindful of the cost to implement new policies, improve vehicle fleets and provide driver training which is why there is three levels in the Charter - so it is affordable for small and large businesses to join.  Roadsafe Taranaki held a 3 hour workshop in September for current and prospective members where speakers provided statistics, best practise examples and effective ways to improve safety at minimal cost.


For more information about the Taranaki Road Safety Workplace Charter contact Tina Watt-Atkinson (New Plymouth district) [email protected] (027 301 9494) or Marion Webby for South Taranaki /Stratford [email protected] (027 279 2662).