Motorcycle rego cashback programme

Sep 20, 2019

More than half of all riders are now getting back on the road at this time of the year.  Motorcycles have become more popular, with a 60% increase in motorcycle travel on the road in the last 10 years.

They’re also involved in more crashes. In 2017, motorcycles were involved in 10% of crashes and 16% of road deaths despite making up only 3% of road users. So far this calendar year, 32 riders have died on the roads.


September marks the end of Motorcycle Awareness Month - but there are still some great inititiatives running to help keep motorcyclists safe on the roads.    

Motorcycle rego cashback programme

Keen to get $200 off your motorcycle rego?  Ride Forever are running a pilot where they are offering experienced riders, who are eligible, $200 cashback on their annual motorcycle registration.

  • This cashback is paid in two $100 installments over the two years.
  • You must complete two Ride Forever courses before you can apply for the cashback. These courses must either be one Silver and one Gold course, or two Gold courses.  The Ride Forever courses are an effective and affordable option for both new and experienced motorcyclists
  • Check if you're eligible and apply for your cashback today!

Other tips for riders from the Motorcycle Awareness Month Website:

Tips for drivers

  • Always look twice before changing lanes
  • Always look twice at intersections
  • Slow down behind motorcyclists
  • Check your blind spots
  • Drive to the conditions
  • Always use your indicators
  • Know that motorcycles can appear quickly
  • Motorcycle indicators don't automatically turn off. Make sure the rider is turning before pulling out