Workplace mental wellbeing a popular topic

Jun 21, 2019

NPiS, in collaboration with Central Taranaki Safe Community Trust and The Wheelhouse, was proud to work with the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand to bring their Working Well Training Package to Taranaki in June.
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Local workplaces and associated health, wellbeing and safety organisations were encouraged to register for this great opportunity, and register you did!   As a result of holding these two workshops, there are now 80 individuals who are now able to take the messages of workplace wellbeing back to their workplaces.

'Take home' messages from these workshops included:

  • Everyone has mental health, there is no health without mental health.
  • The goal for mental wellbeing is that people feel good and function well most of the time and have a sense of connectedness to the world around them.
  • Work has a significant impact on mental health and wellbeing.
  • The key to fostering a mentally healthy workforce is to create a workplace environment that is psychologically Safe, Supportive, and Strengthens wellbeing.

It only takes simple daily practices to embed wellbeing into the workplace.   Check out this short video about how Auckland Transport is prioritising wellbeing for their employees.

Missed out on June's workshops? The good news is that there is one in Hawera in July - register now to avoid disappointment.

Thank you to Jonathan Selu from the Mental Health Foundation for facilitating these workshops in Taranaki.  There are plans to follow on from this training to deliver additional modules that further unpack mental wellbeing in the workplace - please contact [email protected]z for more information.

Working Well is a suite of practical, evidence-based resources developed by the Mental Health Foundation to give businesses the tools they need to foster a culture that promotes positive mental health. Getting started is easy and free. Everything you need to run your own wellbeing programme is freely available to download including facilitator guides, fact sheets, worksheets and PowerPoint slides.