Update from Roadsafe Taranaki

Apr 26, 2019

Roadsafe Taranaki held their annual advanced driving course for young drivers. Close to 100 people completed the course with 60% of those being leaner drivers.  Instructors from NZ Advanced Driver training provided participants with practical experience in emergency braking and cornering skills while other road safety partners delivered advice and demonstrations around impaired driving, restraints, driveway safety, driver attitudes, road safety and current road rules. 


28 students from 7 Taranaki secondary schools attended the annual Students Against Dangerous Driving (SADD) annual lower North Island conference during the April school holidays.  The students were tasked with creating promotional road safety video/podcasts to help share important safety messages to other young people. 


Friendly reminder to all Road Users:  The change of daylight saving coincides with a change of season and usually a change of weather.  Roadsafe Taranaki wants to remind everyone to take care on the roads and be patient, especially when driving in the winter.  Modern vehicles have some amazing safety features to help you avoid crashes or to help save your life if you are involved in a crash.  These vehicles can also have features that can make us lazy and less focussed when we are driving.  This includes seat warmers,  warnings to let us know if we drift out of our lane or too close to the car in front while some even tell us how cold it is so the road conditions may be icy.  However all these comforts do not take away the responsibility we have as a driver to stay vigilant, to slow down in poor weather conditions, to always put our seatbelt on and most importantly to drive to the conditions.  Too many families have already lost someone irreplaceable to them this year in a car crash.  Instead of looking at the faults of others each one of us should take a good hard look at our own driving behaviour and change that for the better – instead of treating that vehicle coming towards you as an object why not think of that vehicle as someone in your family and drive so both of you can safely arrive at your destination.


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