Supporting each other after the Christchurch attacks

Mar 26, 2019

Friday the 15th of March was a terrible day for Christchurch, our Muslim community and all New Zealanders.  We have all been affected by this event in some way, and there are a lot of agencies working hard to support our communities with its aftermath.  


Mental Health Foundation
The Mental Health Foundation (MHF) have released some useful information in the wake of this event.  They acknowledge the range of emotions that we will all be experiencing at this time  'Even if you have not been directly affected it's all right to feel sad, scared, angry, guilty, relieved, lucky or hurt. This awful attack will impact the mental health of many New Zealanders, particularly our Muslim whānau'. 
The MHF have some useful information on thier website to help you support yourself and your community.  
In summary, the MHF want to emphasise that  'it's all right to feel however you're feeling, and it's all right to ask for support to get through. You can free call or text 1737 at any time to talk with a trained counsellor. It's confidential and available 24/7'



Netsafe have been busy working hard behind the scenes regarding the content related to the attack that is circulating online  'we understand that this content is deeply upsetting and are working to minimise its spread'.  Netsafe immediately intiated their crisis response procedure after this event.  They are encouraing the public to report any content direclty to their helpline to assess and triage.  Netsafe note that 'the rate at which attempts are being made to upload this content to major online platforms is unprecedented....New Zealanders who report content can make a significant contribution towards removing this video content from places where it could be accidentally or inadvertently viewed'.     The video of the attack has now officially been classified as "objectionable content" by the Chief Censor.  Netsafe encourages people to access harmful content advisory when advising the public on what steps should be taken upon discovery of the video online.