What's in a standard drink?

Feb 27, 2019

Some interesting research has been recently released which confirms our lack of understanding of how much alcohol is in a standard drink.  A standard drink isn’t usually the same as a glass of wine or beer poured in a pub or at home.  Conducted by Fiftyfive5 research agency in November, this research invovled about 800 New Zealand adults.   For more information about this research, check out KIrsty Lawrence's article.

The results showed that not only were most adults not able to accurately say how many standard drinks were in a common alcohlic beverage, but also three quarters were not familiar with our national recommended healthy drinking guidelines. 

In addition, only 11 per cent were able to correctly point out that there is no set number of drinks that made driving safe.  

This research points to the need for more awareness raising; not only about what a standard drink is, but also how many is the recomended limit.

Currently,  the law requires all bottles, cans and casks of alcoholic drinks to be labelled with how many standard drinks they contain. Have you seen the image about standard drinks on the container?   An average person's liver can only break down one standard drink per hour.  


This standard drinks model forms the basis of New Zealand's low-risk drinking guidelines, of which a variety factors also impact on your level of risk, including age, gender and existing health problems.  

 Low-risk drinking advice_Update Size.png

Check out these great interative tools for further information: