Community Strength and Balance Programme Update

Dec 18, 2018

Community Strength and Balance classes are closing over the Holidays so our wonderful leaders can have a break.  Classes kick off again during January depending on the leaders availability (some start early Jan and some are near the end).

There are plenty of ways you can work on your Strength and Balance over the holidays, here are a few ideas you can do…triple points if you get family or friends to join you (Remember to keep strong support near by like a bench or table if you need it)

  • Lower yourself into your chair slowly while counting up to 5, and the same to stand up
  • See how long you can stand on one leg (if this is easy – try closing your eyes)
  • Try walking heel to toe like you are on a tight rope, see how far you can go
  • Stand up onto your tip toes and slowly down again – repeat up to 10 times a day

Thank you for being part of our 2018 fun and success, we look forward to seeing you in 2019!

 To find out more about improving your Strength and Balance and the classes in your community visit or contact Hilary at Sport Taranaki, or 021480180 after January 9th




Intro Byline: Christmas holiday break