Water safety tips

Dec 13, 2018

The hot weather has arrived - so that means lots of fun in the sun at our favourite swimming spots!  This can also mean some potentially risky situations around water.  There are a lot of fabulous initiatives which will be taking place over the summer period to remind us of easy ways to be safe in and around the water.

One such initiative is the Swim Reaper campaign, developed by Water Safey NZ (with funding support from ACC), which is designed to remind us that while it’s great to enjoy our beautiful swimming spots, making bad choices around water can have potentially deadly consequences. The Swim Reaper can be found lurking at known high risk beaches, lakes, rivers and waterways in New Zealand, looking out for young people making bad decisions.


Other tips Water Safety has for us at this time include:

  • Remove all distractions when your little ones are around water. Put the phone away and give your precious ones the attention they deserve 
  • Paddling pools can be dangerous places for toddlers. When your little ones are getting wet this summer, stay hands-on. It's more fun anyway!
  • Don't forget your legal obligations under the Building (Pools) Amendment Act 2016 if you have a pool at home this summer - including a portable pool.
  • Out on a boat, canoe or kayak?  Wear a life jacket and carry a VHF radio when you are out on the water.
  • At the beach remember the basics:  swim between the flags, know your limitations and look out for other beach users.
  • Rivers are our deadliest aquatic environment. Rivers are changeable, unpredictable and contain hidden dangers.   Check out Water Safety NZ's advice around river safety.  


Check out this video of Water Safety NZ's CEO Jonty Mills talking about New Zealand's drowning problem and staying water safe this summer with the AM show. 




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