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Slips,trips and falls are the leading cause of injury hospitalisation and one of the top three causes of injury related death in New Plymouth District. Between 2006 and 2010, more than 3,387 people were hospitalised for fall-related injuries, accounting for 41% of all unintentional injury-related hospital admissions. 
Between 2004-2008 36 people died from fall-related causes, accounting for 23.4% of all unintentional injury-related fatalities in New Plymouth District.
The majority of those who fall and injure themselves are children or older adults. However, falls are also one of the biggest causes of home injuries for adult New Zealanders in the working population age range (15-64 years).
people aged 50+ hospitalised with a fall in New Plymouth District each year (average)
average number of people a year who die from falls in New Plymouth District
average number of under 10 years old hospitalised each year
New Plymouth district residents visiting the Emergency department each year for falls (average)

Related Projects

Live Stronger for Longer: Preventing Falls and Fractures

Every year, one in three people aged 65 and over injure themselves in a fall.  This rises to one in two once you reach 80.  The good news is falls aren’t a natural part of the ageing process so can be prevented if you know the risks.  Doing exercises that strengthen your leg and core muscles and improve balance will reduce your risk of falling.    It’s that simple.  For more information, check out the 'Live Stronger for Longer' website and click here for a programme summary.
Local key agencies including New Plymouth Injury Safe, Pinnacle Midlands Health Network, ACC, Sport Taranaki and the Taranaki DHB have partnered to develop a comprehensive falls prevention service.  This includes free falls risk assessments at local GPs.  Further support involves assistance from home with a falls prevention therapist or by attending any of of the numerous 'Community Strength and Balance' classes throughout Taranaki, which are required to meet a set of clinical criteria.  Not only are these classes safe and fun, but they are designed to improve balance and strengthen muscles, hence reduce your risk of falling. 

New classes are being added to the list all the time, so make sure you check back from time to time.   Give a class a go today!   Below is some more information about the Community Strength and Balance programme in Taranaki, and its Coordinator, Hilary Blackstock, click here.   


Related Projects

Safe Footwear Campaign

In April 2014 New Plymouth Injury Safe launched a campaign for safe footwear. Local research in 2013 showed that inappropriate footwear was one of the major causes of falls in the working age population.
Displays, a bad shoe amnesty, workplace quizzes, and media articles all formed part of the campaign.