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Alcohol Related Harm:

A few facts to think about:

  • New Zealanders spend $85 million per week on alcohol.
  • 600 to 1000 New Zealanders die each year from alcohol related causes
  • 1 in 5 adult drinkers have a potentially hazardous drinking pattern.
  • New Zealand Police estimate that half of serious violent crimes are related to alcohol 
  • Nearly a third of the population think that it is OK to get drunk.
  • 73% of adult drinking happens at home or someone else’s home.
  • More than 575, 000 adult drinkers consume a large amount of alcohol at least monthly.
  • Overall social costs $4.9 billion per annum (Berl 2009)

Community Action:
If you would like to be at the forefront of alcohol related harm action, contact [email protected] for more information.

Alcohol Action New Zealand: National teleconference once a month, 5.30-6.30pm on the second Monday of the month. Contact the national coordinator on [email protected] 

1 in 5
adult drinkers consume alcohol in a hazardous way
$4.9 billion
overall social costs of alcohol consumption per year
600 to 1000
NZers die each year from alcohol related causes
of serious violent crimes are related to alcohol (police estimate)

Related Projects

Community Toolkit for making submissions on alcohol

Alcohol outlets are within a short driving distance for most New Zealanders. Off-licence alcohol outlet density is greatest in the most deprived areas.
Hazardous drinkers living within the most deprived urban areas are more likely to live within two minutes’ drive of multiple off-licence alcohol outlets than hazardous drinkers living in the least deprived urban areas.
There are ways in which you can influence local decisions about alcohol in your community. For example decision about when and where alcohol can be sold and drinking in public places are decisions that are made by district councils.
In 2014/15 the Taranaki Alcohol Harm Reduction Group was heavily involved in developing a national resource for communities wanting to be involved in decision making about alcohol at a local level.  Click here for a digital copy of this toolkit.

Related Projects

Parent Pack

Risky behaviours can occur when teenagers drink alcohol. Risky behaviour can have both short-term and long-term impacts, which is why it is important to change the community attitudes surrounding alcohol, and stop underage drinking from being the norm.

This Parent Pack Toolkit was developed by the Taranaki Alcohol Harm Reduction Group to help guide parents and caregivers of young people when concerned about alcohol access. Click here to read a digital copy of this toolkit.