New Plymouth injury Safe (NPiS) is a Charitable Trust with links to a range of New Plymouth District organisations, businesses and groups with an interest in injury prevention and community safety. NPiS began as an informal coalition in 2001, when representatives from local agencies agreed to meet together on a regular basis to better align and co-ordinate their injury prevention priorities and activities. 
Later that year, with funding support from ACC, we commissioned the first New Plymouth District community injury prevention needs assessment. This involved the analysis of local and national injury statistics and extensive consultation with a range of local organisations and individuals with an interest in injury prevention. In June 2006, New Plymouth injury Safe registered as a Charitable Trust. 
Our Programme Manager Alisha Stone, can be contacted by emailing [email protected]
NPiS represents a coalition of local organisations and groups with an interest in injury prevention and community safety. The group was established as an informal coalition in 2001 and formalised their structure by registering as a Charitable Trust in 2006.  
The current core partners of New Plymouth injury Safe are:
NPiS exercises a collegial approach to decision making and decisions are based on consensus among the group. The group meets monthly.
Along with the eleven core partners of NPiS there are a range of other local organisations who contribute either directly, or indirectly, to reducing injury, both intentional and unintentional, in the district. NPiS’s intersectoral network includes many other organisations whose interest areas cover children, young people and older people’s wellbeing, sport and recreation, industry (including farming) and road safety.
Most of the organisations represented in NPiS are also involved in service delivery activities or in networks of service providers. By this means, NPiS links directly with working groups and project teams and is able to ensure that priorities are being addressed; duplication avoided and gaps in service delivery identified.
The purpose of NPiS is as follows:

To reduce the rate of injury deaths and hospitalisations by achieving a positive safety culture and creating safer environments for all people within the New Plymouth District.

NPiS achieves this through the following objectives:

Collaborative governance and participation

  1. Establish and strengthen effective partnerships with others working towards improving safety and injury trends, priorities and programmes
  2. Strengthen engagement with the Māori community

Priority setting

  1. Gather and share information on injury trends, priorities and programmes.
  2. Better understand Māori injury prevention priorities and ways in which the safe community can support an effective response to these priorities.

Effective strategies and programme delivery

  1. Raise awareness, commitment and motivation to promote safety within organisations and throughout the community
  2. Advocate for policy and legislative change that supports improved community safety
  3. Guide and support the development of plans for effective injury prevention within organisations that target high risk and vulnerable groups

Shared learnings

  1. Enable New Plymouth District and neighbouring districts to maintain the Pan Pacific criteria for Safe Communities


The organisations represented in the NPiS group are each committed to a shared vision of community safety free from both intentional and unintentional injuries:
“New Plymouth District, a safe community without the burden of injury”